We have recently released the second demo state of our Ftir table. Jennek had put a lot of effort in the software with great results. He diminished the latency and stability.
Take a look at the clips...

The demonstration at the art meeting Klub Koe in 's-Hertogenbosch ended up as a great show. Random visitors who were invited to play were so submerged in the experience that they completely forget the people around. So we had many spontaneous artist and fingerspitzen talent giving surprising?little shows.

It also led to many interesting discussions about how to incorporate multitouch control in popular software applications. We talked with architects, musicians and graphic designers about their visions desires for adaptations to control their specific software tools.

Take a look at these three small clips.

clip 1 : nuances in control
clip 2 : improved latency
clip 3 : ease and fun of use

We have given the project the title-in-progress "Zerkalo". This is the Russian word for mirror. And yes, this refers to the work of mister Tarkovsky.

If you are inspired, have ideas for applications, want to know more, don't hesitate to contact us. Take the contact tab at the top of the site.

The technique of the Ftir table is based upon Jeff Hahns ideas. Google on his name and you'll find lot's about his work.

main development & research: Jennek Geels
hardware-research: Pieter Verhees
detection software: Rob Oudenaerde
electronics: Maarten Halmans


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