FTIR interface

>>Update 10-09-2006  the FTIR-interface is working!
Look at the article about the meeting of (Dutch)  Snelle Alice  

We are building a multi-touch interface based on the idea off Jeff Hahn.

The technique used is the frustration of light. Sure. Light captured in a glass plate escapes through the surface on the places where the glass is touched.

The development gives us a lot of research and problems to solve.  How to optimize the enclosure off light in glass? The best camera for infra-red detection? Software development to handle the detected triggers and convert it to usable output to control other software...

Soon we will demonstrate our prototype at a New Media conference of Snelle Alice. Unfortunately this is a meeting only for invited people.

  • Google for Jeff Hahn to get to know more about ftirring...
  • The project is initiated by Jennek Geels, Rob Audenaerde writes software

prototype in aanbouw

detectie 10 vingers

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