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Students research project Technasium

Four students of the Technasium of the Jeroen Bosch College in 's-Hertogenbosch have build a functional copy of my "Follower" project to do some research on the software and its behaviour. Today they presented me the working system and I hope they will soon progress with the software-system and the behaviour.
A Technasium is a secondary school which specializes on technology.

Good work from: Mick Taal, Jip Prinsen, Raoul Melaet en Samuel Willems. Functional prototype

More pictures...Students research project Technasium

Blikkensteler for Villa Zebra

Art installation for the children's Art museum Villa Zebra in Rotterdam.
De Blikkensteler is part of the exposition "Zelf".
Visit the site of Villa Zebra (in Dutch)

De "Blikkensteler" is an adaptation of....


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Inside Mount Lu

Inside Mount Lu is an interactive sound installation. A space where people have to navigate based on auditive sensations only. Their sight is taken away. It's a huge project that involves 8 complex interactive nodes with all kinds of electronics, and a piece of software that manages the communication and sound generation for the nodes.


It's a cooperation with the composer Johannes Westendorp. The project is coproduced with Muzieklab Brabant and stichting Plume and supported by STEIM Amsterdam.

Presentations 2013:

March 2, MIM Brussel Belgium
March 24 Sunday, What's Next , Brussel Belgium

Presentations 2011:

12-13 November, November Music 2011. Site 2011
14-21 September, ISEA 2011 Istanbul
26-28 August, Spoffin Amersfoort
11-12 June, Intro In Situ - Kasteel Lichtenberg, Sint Pietersberg, pictures
20-21 Mai, XL Kunstmanifestatie Dronten

Look at the trailer:

The next part continues partly in Dutch partly in English...

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