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Autonomous vehicle - Follower

The build of this vehicle goes ahead slowly. It's designed
to follow an actor on its own using camera detection.


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Wearable light

We're creating some new costumes for one of our customers. To add a nice visual effect to one of the stilth-costumes, I build this portable LED-set. It is consist of three 3watt leds, heatsinks and some simple electronics. It is very basic but I really like the visual result.

The parts are cut with a CNC mill.

portable - LED - lights

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Route Passage

Route Passage,

A theatre performance by Lucas Kastelijn.

I wrote the software to handle about 500 pictures shot in the city of 's-Hertogenbosch: back-door-, and escape-routes leading to unknown parts of our daily reality.
Performed on a nice location, an old underground tunnel for testing ammunition.

Friday March 14 and Saturday 15th. Take a look at (Dutch) the website of? FestivalCement



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Theatre of War

Theatre of War is a theatre performance that examines the way we deal with violence. It started in 1999.

Together with the dramatist Rogier Schippers we covered several conflicts in the last decade. We started in former Yugoslavia and passed Chechenia, Ghaza, Afghanistan, Iraq...

?We developed our own method using live chats with people living in the war-zones. In this way the project was about personal experiences and not about journalism or political issues.

The performance was always in front of an audience. Over the years we used several different concepts in which we embedded the chat's and live communication; there was a virtual dinner with illegals in the Netherlands and we had Baghdad cafe, a virtual bar...

Theatre of War has a website where you can find all of the written material created during all those years.

the website:
For the written dialogues check the archive:



Insect Costumes

Finally ready!

Look for more... video and pics....>>>>


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