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Chord circle app - OSX

While studiing the guitar I am looking at the chord constructions. Using the Chord circle is a great help in mastering scales and chords. It is another way of visualising chords and their relations. For personal use and learning Processing I created this little app for OSX. Have fun studiing chords!



While playing with another guitarist or instrument, you sometimes may want to play with a different position of the capo. This enrichess the sound. This application helps you to make a quick chord conversion. I made a Max-patch to get this done...

Download for Windows: Dutch version. English version.Unzip the file and start Capo-omzetter.exe (or Capo-convert.exe) from that directory. (Don't move the files away from the directory otherwise it will not work).

Download for OSX: English version. Just unzip and start...

Made in MaxMsp. Please send feedback if you have any.
The MaxMSP files: download here


Restauration broken guitar neck

My guitar fell from its stand. With the capo on first fret it fell on the ground. The head was completely separated from the neck. The local Luthier didn't want to take the risk to repair it. Time for a diy restauration. Luckily I have an CNC mill so I decided...


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Foldable guitar

One of my nicest creations last year.
Fits in my handluggage. This was a quick build to take a guitar with me on holidays. The neck was salvaged of an acoustic guitar. (I cut it down with 2 frets ;-)). The body is cnc milled. The strings are guided down the heel to the backside to decrease the total size. The connection for the guitar element is on the backside. In a few seconds you can unscrew the body and fold it. The rounded edge of the body makes playing very comfortable.

Check the pictures of the result...



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Scores: pdf's and Guitar-pro

Here's my (yet very small ;-)) collection of tabbed guitar-music.
You're free to use them. If you have any improvements of suggestion, great! Let me know!

Right-click to download the files... or ctrl-click on a MAC


Guitar-pro files (version 6)


Self build guitar


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