Scents and prototyping

Our smell is much less tangible than touch, hearing, or vision. There is yet no digital, electronic, or mechanical equivalent for the molecules that tease our noses. And how we label our nose sensations is the least objective of them all. So a controlled use of scents in arts, games and environment control is an ongoing and long-cherished wish. From technical point of view there are a diversity of techniques to bring the smells in the air: heating, atomising, through solvents, nebulizing... all with there own specific technical merites.

 scent-switch protoscent-switch proto

I experimented, build and developped several prototypes for scent related projects:


  • Sensiks sensor reality pod: a cabin to simulate various experiences, manipulating all senses.
  • OldFactory/OlFactory: Baltan Laboratories Strijp Eindhoven. In progress; an immersive walk through the history of Strijp-S
  • Berkeley London: Out of the Blue, a synesthetic immersion for all the senses.
  • Jan Cunen Museum: Zinnentent. An interactive travel through a painting of Mesdag. Children explore sound, scents an various other aspects of this seascape.

Sensiks sensory podSensiks sensory pod

Out of the blueOut of the blue

Jan Cunen Scent-tableJan Cunen Scent-table



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