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This is about brain research...
Don't worry if your perception fools you.
A project by Doeko Langhorst and Pieter Verhees for the festival Eigen Brein conducted by Oorsprong.
28 february 2007


This performance is made to feed a discussion about the scientific research of the brains.
Our approach is to travel through the braincells of a poet (Doeko Langhorst),
and get lost in a the meanders of his thoughts.
Doeko L. hopes to encounter some blind spots in his perception,
and in return dig in the brains of the individual spectators to commit some archeology in their perception.


The brain is a question-mark as voluminous as 1500cc meat and an entire universe.
The Neanderthaler had bigger brains, about 1650cc. Did he ever think about science, ethics, software, liposuction or sudoku? What purpose did those extra 150 cc have?



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