Science Hack Day 2016 - Mobility Price

This weekend I participated in the Science Hack Day 2016 during the Technology Week in Eindhoven.

We won the mobility price for a nasty complex subject as Identity and Data-ownership in this upcoming data-era. I hope we challenged and inspire people to reflect on these matters and create solutions for these questions.

I worked together with Amanda Jansen and Paul Gielen on the project DNI. Amanda is a change agent for municipalities and Paul is alderman (wethouder) of the city of Eindhoven. They both encounter the problems of data and the related systems that fail to deliver the desired control off the underlying social matters. The old systems are so complex that they are slowly collapsing or at least the usage of it. We visionized DNI, the Digital New I, and discussed if reversed data ownership could be a solution for this new era of data. By using technologies of today and near future (blockchain, decentralized storage) we could create a data system that belongs to us and gives us a digital Identity and thus ownership of our digital prescence. More info on the site of Science Hack Day


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